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A first EMS reference on a wind farm with storage in France for EDF Store & Forecast

EDF Store & Forecast announces the successful implementation of its Energy Management System (EMS) on the Grand Rivière site in French Martinique, a 14MW wind farm equipped with a 5.6 MW industrial battery. This is the first time that the company’s EMS controls a wind facility and its storage unit.

The GRESS project (Grand-Rivière Éolien Stockage Service) is a 14 MW wind farm with a Lithium-Ion battery storage 5.6 MW—5.6 MWh from LG Chem. EDF Store & Forecast has developed, set and supplied NW Groupe company with the EMS to control the installation autonomously.

The EMS is able to send production commitments to the grid operator and give commands to all equipment thanks to the wind production forecasts integrated within the software. The EMS ensures the optimal coordination of the wind generation and battery storage to meet a day-ahead production shape commitment.

An EMS is a mandatory component for wind and photovoltaic farms with storage as both resources are variable and complex to predict. The presence of an EMS with production forecasts is the key element of the installation that guarantees the renewable production.