Montjoly: A second project for photovoltaic solar energy with storage in French

EDF Store & Forecast announces its second project in French Guiana with the installation of its Energy Management System, Pegase EMS, at the solar facility in Montjoly (4.8 MWp), which has a 4-MWh lithium-ion battery.

EDF Store & Forecast has provided Montjoly Solaire Services with engineering services for dimensioning and configuring Pegase EMS, its system for managing and forecasting photovoltaic production integrated with energy storage. EDF Store & Forecast also supplied and installed the software on site.
Thanks to Pegase EMS’s smart management system, Montjoly Solaire Services is now able to optimally control the battery and photovoltaic inverters in order to deliver guaranteed power and provide system services that can stabilise the grid.
The Montjoly project was among the winners of the Energy Regulation Commission’s national call for tender on photovoltaic solar facility with storage in non-interconnected territories.
The expertise of the EDF Store & Forecast teams enabled us to meet the regulatory requirements of the call for tender – increases and decreases in power following a defined gradient, a plateau production phase, and notifications when the power supplied to the electric system reaches its peak and begins to decrease.
This is EDF Store & Forecast’s second industrial project in French Guiana, after the implementation of Pegase EMS at the Toucan project (5 MWp with storage), which was announced in January 2015.


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