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EDF Store & Forecast dedicates a substantial amount of its innovations resources to improving the service it provides and its clients’ experience.

The company pioneers everything from research into new architecture and storage systems to alternative methods for optimizing and forecasting variable renewable energy, new software features to improve our products’ performance and reliability, and enhancement of our remote maintenance thanks to technological advancements.

Designing tomorrow’s offering at a dedicated research site

In order to update its commercial offering, EDF Store & Forecast spearheads research and innovation projects, mainly through the EDF Power NetWork Lab. As part of this, since 2018 the company has been given a research spot at Concept Grid on the EDF site ‘Les Renardières’ not far from Paris, where it develops smart renewable energy solutions.

Leveraging statistics to improve the precision of our services

The company has developed an innovative solution to evaluate the impact of the variability of the weather and of the electricity consumption on project profitability. Our newly developed tool allows us to generate large amounts of realistic scenarios for each individual site, supplementing the data provided by our clients. We then use these scenarios to vastly improve the precision and reliability of the studies we carry out for our clients.


Using augmented reality for field operations

EDF Store & Forecast’s teams ensure the installation and maintenance of their hardware and software solutions anywhere in the world. For optimal responsiveness, the teams have kitted out their safety helmets with augmented reality glasses. These enable them to share images and discuss any issues in real time, thereby accelerating any onsite works and ensuring rapid diagnosis in case of any anomalies.