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Our company

EDF Store & Forecast develops and markets smart renewable energy solutions to optimize local electrical systems using forecasts and energy storage.

The company can tailor its Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and its Energy Management System (EMS) to the client’s needs: managing renewable energy variability, maximizing electricity generation revenues, providing ancillary services, optimizing the economic supply/demand balance of isolated systems, reducing the electricity bill, maximizing renewable energy self-consumption, minimizing carbon footprint.

Our services

By offering comprehensive knowledge of engineering and studies, the supply and maintenance of BESS and EMS, and operational forecasts for renewable energy generation and power consumption, we provide full and consistent support at every step of your project. The studies we carry out are compatible with practical field implementation.

Our clients

Whether you are a renewable energy producer (wind or solar photovoltaic power), a grid or microgrid manager, an industrial or tertiary consumer or an electricity aggregator, we can provide solutions tailored to meet your needs.





By encouraging smart, local energy management, EDF Store & Forecast supports its clients during their energy transition.



EDF Store & Forecast was created in March 2014. Its foundation has been possible thanks to the coordination between EDF R&D and LMD Weather Forecast French Research Agency. Both players were resolute to initiate an innovative project to control the variability of wind and solar production.

 Wind and photovoltaic production forecasting, energy storage, energy optimisation, information systems, automatism, load shedding, hybrid systems. More about EDF R&D

Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory (LMD) Development of operational tools using several approaches to compute photovoltaic forecasts (weather models, satellite images, …). LMD is under administrative supervision of French CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique Paris-Saclay. More about LMD