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EDF Store & Forecast is a multidisciplinary team in the field of energy storage and battery, optimisation and regulation, IT and telecom. Each and every one of our clients benefits from tailored solutions with an integrated approach.

Stéphane Lascaud, CEO of EDF Store & Forecast, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Montreal and an MSc from Grenoble INP. He previously led at EDF R&D, in partnership with the Bolloré group, the development of the lithium metal polymer batteries that are installed in the Autolib vehicles in Paris. In the energy storage field, Stéphane managed around twenty researchers, engineers and technicians for the applications of electric mobility as well as back-up and stationary installations. He has launched battery storage activities in the insular electric networks in France which has led to the testing of a 1 MW Sodium Sulphur (NaS) battery in La Réunion, a first in Europe. He has also been project manager of demonstrators: Millener, in order to test the PV/battery/demand response combination for private customers and Pegasus, an innovative solution for production forecast and coupling of the NaS battery with photovoltaic and wind farms. >> Connect with Stephane Lascaud <<

Close to 30 people dedicated to your project’s success!

Our multidisciplinary team allows us to be involved during the whole process of a renewable energy project with storage: sizing of storage systems, forecasts, energy optimisation, real-time management, load shedding…

The EDF Store & Forecast team - 09/13/2019