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EDF Store & Forecast is a multidisciplinary team in the field of energy storage and battery, optimization and regulation, IT and telecom. 

Stéphane Lascaud
Chief Executive Officer
Caroline Ducharme
VP IT & Operations
Claire Gassiat
VP Optimization & Forecasts
Damien Guy
VP Energy Storage
Marc Debever
VP Sales
Marie Humbert
VP Administrative & HR
Marion Sliwa
VP Finance
Maud Baillat
VP Legal Affairs

50 staff members committed to your project’s success

Our employees’ wide-ranging skillsets enable the team to support its clients throughout any renewable energy storage project: from project studies and engineering, energy storage design, and onsite deployment of the energy storage solution, through to real-time plant management and energy optimization, and operational production and consumption forecasts.

The EDF S&F team leap – 01.07.2021