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EDF Store & Forecast is a multidisciplinary team in the field of energy storage and battery, optimization and regulation, IT and telecom. 

Stéphane Lascaud
Chief Executive Officer
Caroline Ducharme
VP Product
Marc Debever
VP Sales
Claire Gassiat
VP Optimization & Forecasts
Damien Guy
VP Energy Storage
Nicolas Garnier
VP IT & Operations
Marie Humbert
VP Administrative & HR
Marion Sliwa
VP Finance
Maud Baillat
VP Legal Affairs

50 staff members committed to your project’s success

Our employees’ wide-ranging skillsets enable the team to support its clients throughout any renewable energy storage project: from project studies and engineering, energy storage design, and onsite deployment of the energy storage solution, through to real-time plant management and energy optimization, and operational production and consumption forecasts.

The EDF S&F team leap – 01.07.2021