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An innovative solution to guarantee electricity generation at the Toucan photovoltaic facility in French Guiana

An innovative solution to guarantee electricity generation at the Toucan photovoltaic facility in French Guiana

EDF Store & Forecast announces the successful implementation of its Energy Management System (EMS) for the smart control of converters and batteries of the 5MWp Toucan photovoltaic facility in French Guiana.

This innovative technology has been developed by EDF Store & Forecast. The solution offers a better electricity forecast to the local grid manager with a warranty of the energy generated by the solar facility combined with storage. In this project, EDF Store & Forecast delivered to EDF Energies Nouvelles, developer and project owner of Toucan, engineering services: optimal battery sizing and global energetic assessments (energy selling, losses, penalties). The company also adapted and implemented its EMS software on site.

Toucan solar photovoltaic facility is located in Montsinéry-Tonnégrande along the coastline of Guiana. It represents an installed capacity of 5MWp. Its batteries (4.5 MWh of Zebra battery) contribute to the stability of the local power system by absorbing the extra solar generation and restoring it according to the needs of the grid. This project is a winner of the French photovoltaic call of tender (AO CRE ZNI) for solar generation combined with storage in extra-territorial and non-connected areas. The innovation consists in a better management of electricity generation to support the relative fragility of the grid in these areas.

Why are the benefits of storage and forecast for Toucan photovoltaic facility ?

Wind and solar energies have known exponential growth since the last years as a result of the constant fall in the production costs. However, the penetration rate of renewables in the French electric system is close to its threshold (30%). Further integration, while maintaining the grid stability, will depend on generation forecasts along with smart control of production, storage and electricity demand.

Toucan solar project represents a milestone for EDF Store & Forecast, a flagship. Created in 2014, the company aims to develop its innovative solution for wind and solar electricity in France and abroad.

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