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EDF Store & Forecast completes its first energy optimization project for an industrial client in Germany

Enlisted by EDF Renewables for its expertise in energy optimization, EDF Store & Forecast recently provided local energy management solutions (EMS) for two industrial sites with the same end user. This constitutes its first industrial project in Germany.

The two sites are located in Germany; one in Rostock in the north and the other in Heidenau, Saxony, in the south of the country. For this project, EDF Store & Forecast kitted out each site with an Energy Management System (EMS) managing a 100 kW–300 kWh battery.

As an additional storage capacity, each battery is managed by its EMS so that it is discharged when client consumption peaks, helping reduce pressure on the German electrical grid.

The industrial batteries help the end user to control their electricity bill as well as increasing the flexibility of the electrical system so that it can cope with grid congestion, specifically that caused by an increase in the integration of renewable energy sources.

The completed project is EDF Store & Forecast’s first one on German soil and demonstrates its ability to adapt to regulatory, pricing, and technical constraints in new markets.