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EDF Store & Forecast finalizes its first StorBox project in Germany

EDF Store & Forecast finalizes its first StorBox project in Germany

As an integrator of its own battery storage systems, EDF Store & Forecast has supplied its “smart battery” for the German market.

EDF Store & Forecast has supplied its client, EDF Renewables in Germany, with a StorBox battery (1.6 MW – 1.6 MWh) and its EMS* software package for optimum autonomous 24/7 management of the local electricity system. The end user is Speira, an industrial customer in the metallurgy sector and a large electricity consumer, based in Hamburg.

EDF Store & Forecast joined the project in 2020 with a turnkey solution including the sizing, design and delivery of the battery together with the supply and link-up of the EMS that controls the installation. The company is also providing long-term maintenance for both its battery and software products.

In Germany, battery storage systems are the ideal solution for quickly reducing consumption peaks and enabling optimisation of electricity purchases for industrial and commercial customers. Additionally, batteries support the energy transition by helping to a better integration of renewable energy and stabilizing the electricity grid through frequency control. This is the case in this project: the StorBox provides frequency control to the grid via a connection to the infrastructure operated by e2m, the EDF Group’s aggregator in Germany.

EDF Store & Forecast had already been contacted to implement its EMS in Germany for another industrial end customer. The StorBox battery project in Hamburg substantiates its new integrated energy storage solution and opens the way for further contracts in this market.

*Energy Management System

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