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EDF Store & Forecast guarantees photovoltaic generation at the Monte Cinto solar farm in Corsica with its smart EMS

EDF Store & Forecast has kitted out the Monte Cinto solar farm with storage in North-East Corsica with its Energy Management System (EMS). A smart management tool for local electric power systems, the EMS ensures photovoltaic generation for owners of power plants such as this in Non-Interconnected Zones (NIZ).

Located in the Corsican commune of Borgo, the Monte Cinto project consists of a 1-MWp solar farm and a stationary battery (1 MW-1.8 MWh). As part of this project, EDF Store & Forecast provided and configured its EMS. The EMS manages the power station/battery duo on a continuous basis by smartly balancing out variations in photovoltaic generation. For example, the EMS decides when electricity should be temporarily stored in the battery and when it should be released throughout the day. Thanks to EDF Store & Forecast’s photovoltaic generation forecast service, the EMS can make even more effective management decisions.

Monte Cinto is the result of a CRE NIZ Call for Tenders where solar farm owners were asked to infeed generated power into the electrical grid based on a daily template produced for the following day. Corsica is a Non-Interconnected Zone (NIZ). These territories are not connected to continental electrical grid and are sensitive in terms of electrical safety, with specific mandatory rules for variable renewable energy power generators. In this case, EDF Store & Forecast’s solution meets the demands of the local electrical grid manager while maximizing photovoltaic generation performance for the client.

The company provides its EMS to guarantee photovoltaic and wind power generation in the many French island and isolated territories (Reunion, Mayotte, Guyana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and New Caledonia). Monte Carlo is its first project in Corsica.

* CRE = French energy regulatory commission