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EDF Store & Forecast launches its own Battery Energy Storage Systems with its StorBox solution

EDF Store & Forecast launches its own Battery Energy Storage Systems with its StorBox solution

EDF Store & Forecast – a subsidiary of the EDF Group specializing in the design and supply of Energy Management Systems – has branched out into Energy Storage Systems with its StorBox battery solution.

EDF Store & Forecast’s StorBox solution offers design, manufacture, and supply of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and its associated software.

StorBox solutions are stationary battery energy storage systems that can be tailored to a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Control of variable renewable energies (solar photovoltaic power, wind power)
  • Self-consumption and reduction of industrial and tertiary consumers’ energy expenses
  • Guaranteed supply/demand balance for microgrids
  • Ancillary services

EDF Store & Forecast deployed its first StorBox solutions in the United States in 2019* and has accelerated its development with several projects currently under construction in the United States, Canada, France, and Germany, totaling almost 50 MWh.

EDF Store & Forecast’s StorBox meets all the sector-specific quality and safety conditions. It was designed using the expertise and technological and human resources of the EDF Group which launched its Electricity Storage Plan in 2018.

EDF Store & Forecast, your battery energy storage project partner

EDF Store & Forecast now offers a wider range of services thanks to its StorBox solution:

  • Storage sizing and battery energy storage design and engineering
  • Design, supply, and maintenance of Battery Energy Storage Systems and the associated control software (StorBox)
  • Design, supply, and maintenance of Energy Management Systems
  • Operational forecasts for renewable power generation and electrical consumption

As the sector becomes increasingly industrialized with a trend of vertical integration, EDF Store & Forecast has set itself up as an integrated solution provider, present at every stage of every project.

It’s a major step in our development,” says Stéphane Lascaud, CEO of EDF Store & Forecast. “Our first clients recognize the value of having a single point of contact and consistency from the initial studies through to operational implementation of the solution. We are confident that energy storage has a bright future and that we will be able to effectively respond to the environmental, economic and technological challenges associated with energy transition projects.

* EDF Renewables San Diego Zoo and Innovation Drive projects 

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