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In Guadeloupe, EDF Store & Forecast has optimized the wind power generation of Petit Canal, a windfarm with energy storage located in a cyclone-risk zone

The Petit Canal windfarm with energy storage was officially inaugurated on Tuesday December 3 in Guadeloupe and marks a new addition to EDF Store & Forecast’s portfolio of projects in non-interconnected zones. The company, which was entrusted with the “smart production optimization” component, recently delivered its wind generation forecasts as well as an Energy Management System (EMS) with integrated cyclone risk management. 

Located close to Anse Maurice beach in Guadeloupe, Petit Canal is a 9-MW windfarm that was entirely repowered and combined with a 5 MW-6 MWh industrial battery. As part of this project, EDF Store & Forecast developed and provided the EMS, which offers smart management of the windfarm and battery 24/7.

The EMS provides the grid manager with power generation updates and gives instructions to the facilities based on wind generation forecasts among other things. It ensures optimal coordination between wind generation and battery storage to ensure production using a template released each evening for the following day.

If a cyclone is forecast, the EMS automatically instructs the battery to fully charge. In the event of a power cut, this energy reserve can be quickly reinstated to support grid recovery.

Following the GRESS project in March 2019, Petit Canal marks another addition to EDF Store & Forecast’s portfolio of wind projects with storage in non-interconnected zones. The company has now completed over a dozen projects in France, the UK, and the US.