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In New Caledonia, photovoltaic electricity is now available after sunset!

In New Caledonia, photovoltaic electricity is now available after sunset!

EDF Store & Forecast contributed to the Oua Tom project in New Caledonia, the first photovoltaic solar farm with a storage solution on the archipelago. The company supplied Enercal Energies Nouvelles with its Energy Management System (EMS) to optimize both assets on a 24/7 basis.

Located south of the Grande Terre Island (New Caledonia), the Oua Tom project consists of a photovoltaic solar farm (10 MWp) and 5 battery containers (a total of 7.5 MW-7.5 MWh) equipped with LG Chem modules. EDF Store & Forecast developed, configured and supplied the EMS to control the installation autonomously on a non-interconnected power system.

The local grid manager requires a steady supply of electricity from each energy producers. To cope with photovoltaic intermittency, the EMS integrated to the Oua Tom project constantly dispatches the energy supply between the battery and the grid using an integrated solar forecast software. The solar/storage system optimized by the EMS guarantees a photovoltaic production that complies with the day-ahead scheduled production plan, it also discharges energy from the battery to meet the needs of inhabitants after sunset.

The Oua Tom project is part of the local Energy Transition Plan which targets decarbonation, power autonomy and resilience with 100% of renewable power production by 2030.

To date, EDF Store & Forecast has optimized a dozen facilities in France, the United States and the United Kingdom mostly in non-interconnected areas.

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