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Innovation: what if a solar farm alone provided ancillary services?

Innovation: what if a solar farm alone provided ancillary services?

EDF Store & Forecast has enabled the optimization of Le Fouilloux solar farm located in France for its client EDF Renouvelables. The facility has indeed been designed to provide ancillary services to the grid by dynamically controlling the production output through the project’s inverter. This breakthrough is particularly innovative given the intermittent nature of energy production from solar facilities.

The solar farm is located in France (Nouvelle Aquitaine) and made up of 10 MW of photovoltaic panels. EDF Store & Forecast has developed an integrated software solution that combines optimal inverter regulation and advanced solar production forecasting.

Thanks to EDF Store & Forecast solution, the facility is now able to dynamically adjust its electric production. This multi-criteria adjusting ability allows the solar farm owner to provide ancillary services to the grid in addition to energy production :

  • frequency regulation
  • voltage control,
  • active power smoothing

This achievement shows that, in some specific cases, intermittent renewable resources can reliably provide ancillary services even without batteries. For this innovative project, EDF Store & Forecast’s has established the optimal set up of its clients’ installations.

Le Fouilloux solar farm was developed and built by EDF Renouvelables, one of the winners of CRE call for tenders for project developers and operators of photovoltaic production facilities above 250 kWp including innovative components.

*CRE: French Energy Regulatory Commission

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