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McHenry, a first 20MW battery storage project in the USA

EDF Store & Forecast has achieved its first major reference in North America with the successful connection of its energy smart management system PEGASE EMS on a 20MW battery plant. Realized in partnership with EDF Renewable Energy and EDF R&D, this project aims to support the local Regional Transmission Organisation and provide Ancillary Services.

Located in McHenry County, close to the city of Chicago, northern Illinois, the energy storage system consists of 11 containerised lithium-ion batteries of 1.8MW each.

This project was an opportunity for EDF Store & Forecast to adapt its smart management energy system PEGASE EMS in order to manage the batteries in real time and to answer the most efficiently to the grid’s requests by leveraging the active and reactive capacity. Moreover, the management system takes into account the batteries constraint on use to reduce equipment ageing.

This combination between a significant storage and a smart management is able to add flexible capacity to the local Regional Transmission Organisation PJM in order to mitigate decrease and increase of frequency and to provide autonomous frequency support. The plant brings a dynamic power reserve sold into the grid operator PJM as Ancillary Services.

This project required an important industrial development to ensure a 24/7 permanent running with autonomous management on a sub-second basis.

EDF Store & Forecast has been involved at the side of EDF Renewable Energy since the first interoperability tests and functional validation at the storage supplier, BYD America. An EDF Store & Forecast team then flew back to McHenry to install, set, and test the energy management software in its daily use. After the software configuration and its implementation on-site, EDF Store & Forecast stands by EDF Renewable Energy during the whole operation phase to monitor the facility and ensure a high performance level over time.

McHenry project is a new industrial reference for EDF Store & Forecast, proving that PEGASE EMS software has a brilliant future to adapt itself to energy storage for frequency support.