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Saint-Nicolas island headed for electrical autonomy

EDF Store & Forecast has kitted out Saint-Nicolas island in the Glénan archipelago with its Energy Management System (EMS), enabling optimized and autonomous management of electricity generation installations and local flexible resources. In the Glénan archipelago in the south of Brittany, EDF Store & Forecast has designed Saint-Nicolas island’s Energy Management System (EMS) on behalf... Read More

In New Caledonia, photovoltaic electricity is now available after sunset!

EDF Store & Forecast contributed to the Oua Tom project in New Caledonia, the first photovoltaic solar farm with a storage solution on the archipelago. The company supplied Enercal Energies Nouvelles with its Energy Management System (EMS) to optimize both assets on a 24/7 basis. Located south of the Grande Terre Island (New Caledonia), the... Read More

A first EMS reference on a wind farm with storage in France for EDF Store & Forecast

EDF Store & Forecast announces the successful implementation of its Energy Management System (EMS) on the Grand Rivière site in French Martinique, a 14MW wind farm equipped with a 5.6 MW industrial battery. This is the first time that the company’s EMS controls a wind facility and its storage unit. The GRESS project (Grand-Rivière Éolien... Read More

Innovation: what if a solar farm alone provided ancillary services?

EDF Store & Forecast has enabled the optimization of Le Fouilloux solar farm located in France for its client EDF Renouvelables. The facility has been designed to provide ancillary services to the grid by dynamically controlling the production output through the project’s inverter. This breakthrough is particularly innovative given the intermittent nature of energy production... Read More

West Burton: EDF Group’s 49 MW mega-battery helps to balance the electricity grid in the United Kingdom

On Friday 22th June, EDF Renewables announced the commissioning of a 49 MW battery at the West Burton B site in the United Kingdom to provide frequency regulation across the electricity grid. In this project, on behalf of Nidec, EDF Store & Forecast provided the energy management system (EMS) that autonomously controls the battery to optimize performance and meet all technical requirements set by National Grid.

With EDF Store & Forecast, the Sein & Ouessant island microgrids get smarter

EDF Store & Forecast is announcing the commissioning of its Smart Energy Management System PEGASE, now operating microgrids on the islands of Ile de Sein and Ile de Ouessant in Brittany, France. For these projects, the company has adapted its PEGASE EMS to the electric system of each island, taking into account all local generators... Read More

McHenry, a first 20MW battery storage project in the USA

EDF Store & Forecast has achieved its first major reference in North America with the successful connection of its energy smart management system PEGASE EMS on a 20MW battery plant. Realized in partnership with EDF Renewable Energy and EDF R&D, this project aims to support the local Regional Transmission Organisation and provide Ancillary Services.

Montjoly: A second project for photovoltaic solar energy with storage in French Guiana

EDF Store & Forecast announces its second project in French Guiana with the installation of its Energy Management System, Pegase EMS, at the solar facility in Montjoly (4.8 MWp), which has a 4-MWh lithium-ion battery.

An innovative solution to forecast electricity generation at the Toucan photovoltaic facility in French Guiana

EDF Store & Forecast announces the successful implementation of its Energy Management System, Pegase EMS, for the smart control of converters and batteries of the 5MWp Toucan photovoltaic facility in French Guiana.