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Make your electrical system smarter with our EMS!

Our Energy Management System (EMS) offers smart and autonomous management of your local electrical facilities. Tailored to your meet your needs, the management algorithm enables real-time optimization of your power generation. Connected by our teams to your generation or electrical production facilities, it offers 24/7 management in line with your objectives.

  • Comprehensive assistance from design through to maintenance of your EMS
  • The assurance to benefit from the revenue estimated by our Study team 
  • Product's performance and guarantee monitoring extendable for up to 20 years


EMS Design

Tailored development of an EMS solution in line with your requirements and objectives

Where required, a control algorithm originating from the one developed by our teams during the Study phase

Design and development of a Supervisory, Control And Data Acquisition system (SCADA)

Onsite Works Phase

Pre-production environment simulations

Supply procurement

Onsite implementation, configuration, interoperability and acceptance tests, commissioning

Post-commisionning adjustments


Corrective maintenance: debugging and actions taken in the event of a default

Remote monitoring for 24/7 supervision, customer support

Warranties management

Data analytics and reporting

Progressive maintenance: upgrades and continuous improvements

What Next?

Smart management of your electrical system is an essential component of your project.

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