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Choose our operational forecasts to vastly enhance your EMS’ performance and your battery life!

Our renewable production (solar photovoltaic and wind power) and electrical consumption forecasts serve as inputs for the optimization carried out by your EMS. All our pieces of forecasting software are patented and are subject to regular inspections and a program of continuous improvement.

  • Production (solar, wind) and electrical consumption forecasts
  • From D+1 to D+7 where necessary, with adjustable intervals
  • Intraday forecast updates


PV Energy Production

PVSCOPE™ (*) generate day-ahead and intra-day photovoltaic power production forecasts. It combines and offsets different methods to minimize prediction errors.

SKYSCOPE™ (**) generate short term photovoltaic power production forecasts within a horizon ranging between the next minute and the next 15 minutes.

Wind Energy Production

EOLSCOPE™ (**) generate 3 day-ahead and intra-day wind power production forecasts using numerical weather forecasts and power measurements.

Electric Production

CONSOSCOPE™ (**) generates day-ahead and intra-day consumption forecasts by combining local weather variables that influence consumption with real-time consumption measurements and industrial process characteristics.

(*) developped with EDF R&D and in partnership with the French Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique de l’Ecole Polytechnique | (**) developped with EDF R&D