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Choose our operational forecasts to improve the performance of your EMS and increase your battery life !

Our renewable electricity production forecasts (solar photovoltaic and wind) and consumption forecasts serve as inputs for your EMS. All our forecasting algorithms are patented and subject to regular inspections alongside a continuous improvement program.

  • Forecasts for solar & wind production and for electricity consumption
  • 1 day ahead to 3 day ahead forecasts
  • Intraday forecasts



PV Energy Production

PVSCOPE™ (*) generate day-ahead and intra-day photovoltaic power production forecasts. It combines and offsets different methods to minimize prediction errors.

SKYSCOPE™ (**) generate short term photovoltaic power production forecasts within a horizon ranging between the next minute and the next 15 minutes.

Wind Energy Production

EOLSCOPE™ (**) generate 3 day-ahead and intra-day wind power production forecasts using numerical weather forecasts and power measurements.

Electric Consumption

CONSOSCOPE™ (**) generates day-ahead and intra-day consumption forecasts by combining local weather variables that influence consumption with real-time consumption measurements and industrial process characteristics.

(*) developped with EDF R&D and in partnership with the French Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique de l’Ecole Polytechnique | (**) developped with EDF R&D