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Design Services

Boost the technical and financial benefits of your energy storage project !

Our tailored consulting services provide you with key outputs to assess both the technical and economic benefits of using a stationary battery as part of your project. By taking into consideration all the details of your project, we simulate your local electrical system as it would run in real life. Our Design Services will define the optimal storage design for your site, the related energy balances and financial Business Plan.

  • In-depth and detailed analysis of your requirements and objectives
  • A comprehensive decision-aid to help you select a battery
  • A fully tailored design report
  • An optimized, realistic battery usage profile to streamline the BESS performance warranty



Customer Focus

Analysis of your needs and objectives

Development of all specifications terms for the study in line with your expectations

Collection of client data necessary to launch the study (site characteristics, electrical consumption, etc.)

Project consolidation and synthesis via the Commercial Proposal


Reconstruction of solar/wind power generation or electrical consumption records when you are missing historical data

Development of the EMS algorithm tailored to your project and your requirements

Running of simulations created using client data and the specifications terms validated in the previous stage

Final Deliverable

Presentation of study results (financial, technical, and environmental)

Delivery of a Business Plan as part of a study with financial optimization (maximizing IRR and minimizing LCOE* , etc.)

Calculation of your project’s carbon footprint

Final delivery of study report

What Next?

We have all the expertise necessary to help you with the next steps:

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Energy Management System (EMS)

Operational Forecasts