EDF Store & Forecast develops and commercializes a smart and autonomous control software that optimizes the operation of local electric systems by leveraging forecast and energy storage technology. The company adapts its Energy Management System (EMS) to your installations, able to serve multiple applications.
In addition to its global EMS offering, the company also commercializes renewable production and consumption forecasts.


Our Clients

  • Renewable energy producers
  • Grid operators
  • Commercial and Industrial consumers
  • Local authorities
  • Aggregators

Our EMS offering

The implementation of our EMS to a local electric system confers several benefits:

  • Maximizing renewable energy operating revenue
  • Facilitating renewable energy integration and stabilize the grid
  • Optimizing the electric bill and secure power supply
  • Support energy transition at a territory scale

Our customers benefit from our strong expertise throughout the lifetime of projects:

Optimized investments decisions with energy storage

Maximized project performance based on forecast

Optimized control 
of the electric system and maximized project revenue

Guaranteed high performance and sustainability of our solution

Our Forecasting offering

High quality forecasts can substantially improve the command and control of energy assets. With its expertise in prediction analytics, EDF Store & Forecast offers forecasting solutions for :

  • photovoltaic energy production
  • wind energy production
  • electric consumption