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The use of renewable energies such as wind and solar has been exponentially growing in recent years due to the continuous and sustained decline of production costs. They play an important part in reaching energetic independence and are encouraged worldwide by proactive policies. Their competitiveness has already been demonstrated in several countries and weakly interconnected or non-interconnected areas.

Wind and solar energy are by nature intermittent and hardly foreseeable. Their rising penetration rate intensifies the imbalance between supply and demand, and then threatens electrical systems stability.

In addition, electric systems are undergoing important changes due to the convergence of the energy transition with the digital technology transition. We are moving from a centralised and one-way electric system to a decentralised one, with energy storage. This new model challenges all players with news issues and new needs.

For producers, grid operators and customers who have chosen self-consumption, it becomes necessary to foresee precisely their production and to coordinate production, storage facilities and demand with a smart control system. 


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