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Smart energy management for a commercial client in California

Smart energy management for a commercial client in California

EDF Store & Forecast participated in the “Innovation Drive” project run by EDF Renewables, a subsidiary of the EDF group in North America. The project comprised a solar rooftop, solar carports, energy storage and a charging system for electric vehicles. All equipments are managed by EDF Store & Forecast’s EMS for optimized and smarter energy management.

The Innovation Drive project is located at EDF Renewables’ headquarters in San Diego, California. The site has been equipped with a solar power plant on the parking lot shade structure (209 kWp) along with a solar rooftop installation (182 kWp). Flexible energy sources such as charging points for electric vehicles and a 300 kW-600 kWh battery are also connected.

The Energy Management System (EMS) enables onsite coordination of photovoltaic energy production and site consumption thanks to the flexible sources and forecast services provided. The EMS continuously manages the assets to ensure the client can achieve its targets relating to grid management constraints. Furthermore, if more photovoltaic energy is generated than consumed on any given day, the surplus energy is stored in the battery so that it can be returned at the optimal time, thereby reducing the site’s electricity bill.

Multiple expertises for a smart energy management

For Innovation Drive project, EDF Store & Forecast was selected to carry out the following thanks to its extensive industry expertise:

  • Advance project engineering for optimal battery sizing
  • Photovoltaic generation and electricity consumption forecasts
  • Supply of the EMS solution and onsite delivery of the battery
  • Development of the client interface for monitoring the local electrical grid
  • Software solution maintenance

After Biot in France and San Diego Zoo in the United States, Innovation Drive is EDF Store & Forecast’s third project in this market segment. This kind of project represents an opportunity for any company looking to reduce its energy bills while making its commercial sites more environmentally friendly.

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