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Three EDF Group affiliates join forces to support energy transition in Germany

Three EDF Group affiliates join forces to support energy transition in Germany

Thursday 7th October Press release – EDF ENR, EDF Store & Forecast and Energy2market (e2m) have announced today at Intersolar and Energy Electric Storage Europe fair in Munich the launch of a joint entity, EDF Energiewende & Neue Ressourcen, to provide a comprehensive response to the needs arising from the Energy Transition challenges for Businesses, Local Utility Companies (Stadtwerke) and Developers of renewable energy projects in Germany.

EDF Energiewende & Neue Ressourcen will be headquartered in Berlin with own staff and resources to increase its presence in the German market in the coming months.

Managed under a one-stop-shop concept, EDF Energiewende & Neue Ressourcen is offering extensive solutions including PV On-site Generation, Smart Battery Energy Storage, Decentralised Asset Revenues Optimisation (including monetisation of their flexibilities) or Green Sourcing structuring (through PPA or local Guarantees of Origin). It also advises customers on identifying and optimally sizing the solutions to be implemented, calculating their profitability and facilitating investment decisions. These solutions shall enable companies and local utilities to reduce their environmental footprint while ensuring the economic performance and resilience for their facilities.

The customer journey is made easy with single point of contact and simple start-to-finish route throughout the life of its energy transition projects, from design, financing, installation, operation, optimisation, maintenance and supervision through to recycling.

The creation of EDF Energiewende & Neue Ressourcen is aligned with the EDF Group’s raison d’être of building a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services, to help save the planet and drive wellbeing and economic development.

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EDF ENR was created in 2007 on the basis of a strong conviction: solar energy is the future for everyone.
Fully integrated and benefiting from the support of the EDF Group, the company creates decentralised photovoltaic production solutions on buildings and carports that enable private individuals, professionals and local authorities to produce and sell low-carbon electricity, but also to consume it themselves thanks to innovative offers. EDF ENR thus fully embodies the EDF Group’s CAP2030 strategy and its raison d’être to “build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services, to help save the planet and drive wellbeing and economic development”. With more than 42,000 installations supported since its creation, EDF ENR occupies a leading position in its various markets thanks to the quality of its services and the acknowledged commitment and competence of its teams. For more information:

About e2m
Energy2market (e2m), founded in 2009 in Leipzig, is one of the largest aggregators and energy traders for renewable energy in Germany. Via its own virtual power plant, e2m pools, monitors and controls remotely more than 5,500 decentralised assets of renewable energy, electricity storage facilities as well as consumers’ flexibilities and connects them to the electricity markets. With 3,158 MW renewable energy capacity (as of 2021) under management, e2m is one of the largest direct market providers for electricity and the largest pool provider for balancing energy in Germany. The business magazine Brand Eins named e2m as one of the most innovative companies in the energy sector in 2019. FOCUS Business voted the company one of the “TOP 50 Medium-Sized Employers” in 2018. With the infrastructure necessary for the marketing of energy flexibilities, market access to all relevant trading markets, as well as many years of know-how of its approximately 100 employees, e2m is contributing to shape the energy market of the future. Since September 2019, e2m has been part of the Local Energy Management (LEM) Division of the EDF Group. For more information:

About EDF Store & Forecast
EDF Store & Forecast develops and markets smart renewable energy solutions to optimize local electrical systems using forecasts and energy storage. The company can tailor its Battery Energy Storage System (StorBox) and its Energy Management System (EMS) to the client’s needs: managing renewable energy variability, optimizing electricity generation costs, providing ancillary services, optimizing the economic supply/demand balance of isolated systems, reducing electricity costs, maximizing renewable energy self-consumption, minimizing carbon footprint. By offering comprehensive knowledge of engineering and studies, the provision and maintenance of BESS and EMS, and operational forecasts for renewable energy generation and power consumption, we provide full and consistent support at every step for your projects. By encouraging smart, local energy management, EDF Store & Forecast supports its clients during their energy transition. For more information:

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