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Biot & San Diego Zoo : two new projects for commercial clients in France and the United States

EDF Store & Forecast has recently delivered two projects where, for the first time, it tailored its Energy Management System (EMS) to meet the needs of commercial clients. As part of each project -Biot in France and San Diego Zoo in California (US)- EDF Store & Forecast also offered to provide the clients with a storage solution in addition to the EMS.

Biot is a solar energy self-consumption project run on behalf of Artesol, a subsidiary of real-estate developer Artea, that built an innovative commercial building in the French commune of Biot (Sophia Antipolis technology park). EDF Store & Forecast’s EMS optimizes a 70 kWp photovoltaic roof, a 100 kW-100 kWh battery, and charging stations for electric vehicles. There are multiple benefits for the client:

  • production of photovoltaic electricity and on-site storage for enhanced autonomy
  • optimized electricity bills thanks to a reduction in consumption peaks
  • optimized management of the charging stations for electric vehicles

In the United States, the company contributed to the EDF Renewables project, which aimed to kit out San Diego Zoo with an EMS managing a 1 MW-4MWh industrial battery. The end client’s objective was to have an autonomous system that would enable it to:

  • manage its electricity bill by reducing consumption peaks
  • save money on the provision of electricity (by purchasing electricity when the price is lowest and storing it in the battery)
  • open up possible additional sources of revenue in the future (thanks to local energy demand management programs)

These two completed projects demonstrate EDF Store & Forecast teams’ ability to deliver intelligent management systems tailored to the specific needs of commercial clients.

For both projects, EDF Store & Forecast provided an industrial battery in addition to its EMS for the first time. This represents a new service for the company, to complement its areas of expertise:
– Advance project engineering for an optimal storage system sizing
– Forecasting of photovoltaic production and consumption based on the use of local historic data
– Configuration, supply and installation of the EMS on the client site
– Delivery of an industrial battery by suppliers selected and certified by EDF Store & Forecast
– Design and provision of a client interface for real-time monitoring of the installations and EMS maintenance

CEO of EDF Store & Forecast Stéphane Lascaud says: “The Biot and San Diego Zoo projects constitute a double success for EDF Store & Forecast. For a start, they mark our first completed projects for commercial clients. Furthermore, they demonstrate the provision of a complete “EMS + storage” solution. With this enhanced offering, we look forward to further developing with confidence and enthusiasm.