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Two StorBox smart batteries delivered and installed in the US

Two StorBox smart batteries delivered and installed in the US

As an integrator of its own battery storage systems, EDF Store & Forecast has supplied two StorBox batteries to Powerflex, an EDF Renewables company, for the American market via its global range of smart solutions. The beneficiaries are commercial customers in California.

The end customers, Cubic Corporation and Cox Enterprises, both based in San Diego, have each been kitted out with a StorBox and an Energy Management System (EMS).

StorBox is a Li-ion battery storage system entirely sized, designed and installed by EDF Store & Forecast. It can store renewable energy generated at the site for several hours for later use. Given the high cost of electricity in California and the power required at certain times of day, it is extremely beneficial for tertiary customers to be able to draw their energy at specific times from a sufficiently powerful battery rather than from the grid.

The EMS is a software application designed to control the local electricity system for 24/7 autonomous energy optimization. For this type of project for tertiary customers, EDF Store & Forecast’s EMS controls the StorBox and a renewable electricity source (solar PV panels on carports or on building rooftops). To further improve performance, the EMS also makes real-time use of EDF S&F PV production and electricity consumption forecast data. These forecasts are calibrated in advance thanks to historical data available for the site.

For Californian customers choosing solar photovoltaic self-consumption, the StorBox smart battery solution maximizes value for the customer with a virtuous combination of reduced consumption peaks, price arbitration and load shedding.

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