With EDF Store & Forecast, the Sein & Ouessant island microgrids get smarter

EDF Store & Forecast is announcing the commissioning of its Smart Energy Management System PEGASE, now operating microgrids on the islands of Ile de Sein and Ile de Ouessant in Brittany, France.

For these projects, the company has adapted its PEGASE EMS to the electric system of each island, taking into account all local generators and major consumption nodes.

Across each microgrid, the software autonomously manages (24/7) gensets, renewable energy production, battery operation, and other flexible resources.

These solutions provide multiple benefits to the grid operator, EDF Systèmes Electriques Insulaires :

• Reduction in diesel consumption, resulting in lower fuel costs and environmental pollution
• Maximized efficiency across the system, which prevents premature ageing of equipment (optimal timing of generator dispatch)
• Improved energy independence and security, resulting from optimal balance of supply and demand on an otherwise fragile electric system

These flagship projects strengthen EDF Store & Forecast’s role as an expert in software solutions for management of microgrids and other distributed energy resources.

To date, EDF Store & Forecast’s software manages a total of 38 MW of generation capacity and 28 MW of storage capacity, in France and in the United States.

About EDF Store & Forecast

EDF Store & Forecast develops and commercializes a smart and autonomous control software that optimizes the operation of local electric systems by leveraging forecast and energy storage technology. You are an energy producer, a network operator, a commercial & industrial consumer or a local authority: the company adapts its Energy Management System (EMS) to your installations able to serve multiple applications: renewable energy intermittency management, ancillary services, economic dispatch, auto-consumption maximization and energy bill reduction. Our customers benefit from our strong expertise throughout the lifetime of projects: project sizing, forecasting, supplying, and maintenance of our software solution. In addition to its global EMS offering, the company also commercializes renewable production and consumption forecasts.


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